Monday, April 18, 2005


Prats Clyde G

When the Prats from Inverness formed in 1977, lead singer Paul McLaughlin was just 13. I remember them on a Fast Records compilation doing 'Inverness, what a mess!' and 'Jesus Had a Pee'. Legendary stuff. The same record had The Thursdays covering 'Dock of the Bay' and The Flowers doing a song with the lyrics 'I'm dancing at the disco with my handbag at my feet/Met a boy called Gerry whose dancing was a treat'. Oh, the memories. If anybody out there's got this, I'd love to hear from youse. Onywise, The Prats have recently been resurrected on the soundtrack of the remake of The Manchurian Candidate. These are strange times. Another legendary band, this time from Glasgow, were The Clydesmen. Gerry Love of Teenage Fanclub wrote this song for them before using it with the BMX Bandits. The G, meanwhile (now named to reflect his website), has been gigging around for years, producing some great stuff. Here's one from his 'First Takes' album.

The Prats - Disco Pope
The Clydesmen - Kylie's Got a Crush On Us
The - Out Like a Hero
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