Friday, April 08, 2005


Cruiser Dot Tribe

The seven-piece Cruiser play fuzzy pop with electronic beats. This is taken from their 2001 album 'Northern Electric' and is typical of their blurry wall of sound. After One Dove (see below) split in 1996, singer Dot Allison decided to go it alone. This is a lovely example of her solo stuff. Dot lives in 'a world of love and loss, hope, happiness and dreams' according to her website. And why not? Then, back to the days of raves and eccys with the full-on dance of Finitribe and the Massey mix of '101’. Glow stick optional.

Cruiser - Blown
Dot Allison - Wishing Stone
Finitribe - 101
Finitribe - what a great band. prefer the Weatherall mix myself and still play "Monster In the House" quite a bit!
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