Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Strawberry Cosmic Scars

Uber pop duo Strawberry Switchblade - bright, colourful and boppy - here covering the Velvet Underground classic in their own inimitable style. The Cosmics have that west coast American sun drenched sound thang down pat. And why no? The Scars track is a real treat. Over at the Scottish Patient blog, Kevin's posted a picture from when the fabulous Scars supported Penetration and the Buzzcocks at Clouds in Edinburgh in 1977. Paul Research of the Scars took the picture and unbelievably has captured me in the audience in startled dear expression, complete with long hair and green boiler suit. Aw.

Strawberry Switchblade - Sunday Morning
Cosmic Rough Riders - Justify the Rain
Scars - All About You
##TITLE## is a fun title to find. It just amused me when I came across it on my search
for blackheads in these blogs. Amazing what you can find and where you end up.
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