Friday, March 04, 2005


Ivor Blue Nectarine

The Bluebells made some damn good pop chunes in their day - Cath being one of my favourites. After the Fire Engines and Win, Davey Henderson went on to form The Nectarine No.9, a supremely underrated band with a wide range of styles and sounds - Rocket No.9 is a stoater. Then, the godlike genius of Ivor Cutler - a man so funny, he makes me cry. It was so hard to choose just one track from his enormous catalogue, but I've settled on this wee gem from Jammy Smears.

Bluebells - Cath
The Nectarine No. 9 - Rocket No.9
Ivor Cutler - Squeeze Bees
The Bluebells song is "Cath" with a "C"

Sorry to be an anal twat.
you're richt enough Lee, although I was going for a rawk spelling vibe there. Ahem.
There's so much music I didn't even know I knew... It must have been years since I last heard Cath. Thanks.
I met someone who had a chat with Ivor once, taking care to address him as Mr Cutler (otherwise he ignores you). After a fascinating conversation Ivor leaned forward and pressed a sticker onto the guy's lapel, then used the guy's own hand to cover it up saying 'don't look until I'm gone'. Ivor then left; he took his hand away and looked at the sticker. It said 'I'm your sticker now.'
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