Friday, March 18, 2005


Hungry Hazy Valves

In the 90s, the legendary Norman Lamont used to head a group called Hungry Ghosts. This is a gorgeous, haunting piece from that period. Then, a new outfit from Dundee, Hazey Janes, with a ridiculously catchy song. Nae messing, straight ahead simplistic melodies there. To finish with, a band I'd almost forgotten about, who I remember seeing in Kinghorn on Christmas Eve going into Christmas in the late 70s. Whatever happened to them I wonder?

Hungry Ghosts - Only The Sea
Hazey Janes - After All
The Valves - Don't Mean Nothin At All
Whats this Boab...? Have the Scottish Government finally done away with Wednesdays?...

Keep up the great work fella.
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