Thursday, March 17, 2005


Exploited Jock Bis

They just wouldn't let it lie - The Exploited. Refusing to compromise their pure punk thrash to the then prevalent art rock music scene, they just kept on keeping on. Good on them. The Jock Scot song is just brilliant. Written by Davey Henderson of the Fire Engines, everything about it is just sheer class, including my favourite line, "I bought it from St James's underground car boot." And then probably the best Bis track in the world... ever. Isn't Scottish music brilliant?

Exploited - Punk's Not Dead
Jock Scot - Tape Your Head On
Bis - Theme from Tokyo
Another tenuous one (I feel obliged to put them up, now). One-time Exploited drummer Jim Park used to work as a mainframe programmer in my department at Standard Life, and now appears to be a full-time stand-up comic. He was also once the skinsman of choice of none other than Mr Cloudland Blue Quartet.

Never met him, right enough.
My goodness, this'll be the chap then: Jim Park
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