Monday, March 14, 2005


Donovan Danny Garbage

An incredibly mainstream bunch today, but, in the spirit of fairness, they are here to be counted under the wide umbrella of Scottish Music. I didn't even know Donovan was Scottish until I started this blogging malarkey, so I thought I'd pop him in somewhere. Danny Wilson, I know is incredibly bland, but I seem to remember them ripping off some Ramones melody for something or other. Oh, I don't know, my mind's too fuzzy these days. The Garbage track sees Shirley Manson's second appearance in this blog (firstly with Goodbye Mr Mackenzie) and reflects a grand tradition of Scots being miserable in the wet stuff. Och, it's no bad, I suppose.

Donovan - Universal Soldier
Danny Wilson - Mary's Prayer
Garbage - I'm Only Happy When it Rains
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