Thursday, February 24, 2005


Scottish Top 50 - Big Snow Franz

And at number 15, the darlings of the moment, Franz Ferdinand, with their snowballing award grabbing Gang of Four/Pere Ubu/XTC sound. Snow Patrol, of course, are famously Irish but also Scottish on account of them living here. Sheesh. It's like calling Jakey Rowling Scottish. Onyhoots, it's an excuse to play their version of Teenage Kicks which, of course, they nicked from me. I did a version not a hundred miles removed from this at a John Peel tribute gig last year. That was fun. I also did The Ramones' Everytime I Eat Vegeatables and Half Man Half Biscuit's Vatican Broadside. Just so's you know, like. And now my boring old fart Big Country reminisence - I remember Stuart Adamson when he was in the Skids telling me to cheer up at the Station Hotel in Kirkcaldy where there used to be a regular Sunday punk night. It almost makes me cry to remember that. That's it, fact fans.

15. Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out
14. Snow Patrol - Teenage Kicks
13. Big Country - In a Big Country
Excellent blog! Scotland does very well in pop music for such a tiny country. Looking down your posts I realized I've seen Orange Juice, Altered Images and Big Country live.
Very nice site! Thanks for linking to my site...

Looking forward to the next 3 songs!
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